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British Bulldog 2021

British Bulldog ответы 2 класс  2021

  • 1) Where does the Addam family live? The Addam family lives in…
    C) Liverpool
  • 2) Where does Mr Addam work? He works in a…
    B) school
  • 3) What does Mr Addam do? He is a…
    A) teacher
  • 4) How many children do Mr and Mrs Addam have?
    B) 2
  • 5) What do Jacky and Bill do? They are…
    D) students
  • 6) D) weather
  • 7) A) that
  • 8)  B) other
  • 9) A) this
  • 10) D) mother
  • 11) He works in a hospital and treats patients.
    A) A doctor
  • 12) She sings a song.
    C) A singer
  • 13) He paints a picture.
    B) A painter
  • 14) He takes care of a farm and has a big pumpkin.
    D) A farmer
  • 15) She sells ice cream.
    B) a shop assistant
  • 16) An elephant is
    A) gray
  • 17) A fox is…
    B) orange (red)
  • 18) A zebra is…
    A) white and black
  • 19) A wolf is …
    C) gray
  • 20) A pig is …
    C) pink
  • 21) Tom … old.
    B) is
  • 22) Mother … work on Sunday.
    B) doesn’t
  • 23) When … you get up?
    A) do
  • 24) We… in the kitchen now.
    D) are 
  • 25) … Meg eight?
    A) Is
  • 26) There are many… on the shelf.
    B) books
  • 27) There is a… on the windowsill.
    A) cactus
  • 28) There is a… on the floor.
    A) ball
  • 29) There are two … on the sofa.
    D) cushions 
  • 30) There is a … on the wall.
    B) clock

British Bulldog ответы 3-4 класс  2021

  • 1) What class are the pupils in? In the …
    C) 6th
  • 2) Which city are the children from? They are from …
    C) Manchester
  • 3) When was the baby tiger born? … ago.
    C) Three weeks
  • 4) What does the baby tiger enjoy eating?
    D) Ice cream
  • 5) Why must the children be quiet? The baby tiger might be …
    B) sleeping
  • 6) When does the man come home?
    B) Before 12 o’clock a.m.
  • 7) Where does the man work? At the …
    C) TV Centre
  • 8) What does the man do before going to bed? He …
    D) reads and drinks milk
  • 9) How do the children get to school?
    C) By bus
  • 10) What does the man do before his work? He …
    B) swims
  • 11) She never … coffee in the morning
    B) drinks
  • 12) I like the gym but I don’t like running
    C) going to
  • 13) The girl … some new clothes tomorrow.
    D) is going to buy
  • 14) They haven’t got … money.
    B) any
  • 15) I always listen music when I eat.
    A) to
  • 16) Jack-o’-Lantern
    A) Halloween
  • 17) A green shamrock
    A) St Patrick’s Day
  • 18) Fireworks and bonfires
    A) Guy Fawkes Night
  • 19) Mistletoe
    B) Christmas
  • 20) A bunny
    D) Easter
  • 21) He helps people get well and recover from their sickness.
    C) A doctor
  • 22) He creates paintings.
    D) A painter
  • 23) He grows fruits and vegetables and takes care of domestic animals.
    A) A farmer
  • 24) He prepares food in a restaurant.
    B) A chef
  • 25) His job is to prevent crime, keep order and see that laws are obeyed.
    B) A policeman
  • 26) What is the girl doing? She is …
    C) lying in bed
  • 27) Where are the tennis rackets?
    C) in the box
  • 28) What does the girl like to do?
    D) Draw pictures
  • 29) Where is the clock?
    A) On the wall
  • 30) What’s the time? It’s….
    B) 5 minutes, past 10

British Bulldog ответы 5-6 класс  2021

  • 1) What is the programme Eat Well about?
    A) Food
  • 2) When can you watch Eat Well? At … o’clock.
    A) 11
  • 3) Who is Michael White?
    B) A singer
  • 4) How many songs will Michael White sing?
    C) 6
  • 5) Which is Michael White’s favourite song? «You are the …»
    C) Sunshine
  • 6) When else can you see the programme about Michael White?
    B) On Monday
  • 7) What can Tony Smart teach you to do?
    A) To paint pictures
  • 8) Who plays the leading role in the drama On the Farm?
    D) Jason Davis
  • 9) Which animal stars with him? A …
    B) dog
  • 10) Which is the last programme for today?
    D) The news programme
  • 11) What creature lives in the castle?
    B) A ghost
  • 12) What does the creature think of himself?
    C) He’s scary
  • 13) Are the inhabitants of the castle afraid of him?
    C) No, nobody
  • 14) How does the ghost feel?
    C) He’s upset
  • 15) What does he often do in his tower?
    D) He sobs
  • 16) What colour is Virginia’s hair?
    C) Blonde
  • 17) Who can help the poor creature?
    C) Virginia
  • 18) How do the creature and Virginia get to the garden? Through the …
    D) well
  • 19) Where do Mr and Mrs Otis find their daughter?
    C) In the garden
  • 20) Why is the ghost happy?
    C) He can now rest
  • 21. Our English lesson is at … ten.
    D) a quarter to
  • 22. My grandfather is the person in our family.
    B) oldest
  • 23. …pigs and cows on his granddad’s farm.
    B) There are
  • 24. Where does Marge … for her holidays?
    C) usually go
  • 25. They aren’t in town. They are… holiday.
    A) on
  • 26. There isn’t… milk left for breakfast.
    C) any
  • 27. Every old castle has… strange old stories.
    D) its
  • 28. He’s got… friends in his class.
    D) a lot of
  • 29. That’s the man … wanted to talk with you.
    A) who
  • 30. Carol is the … of the twenty students in my class.
    A) best
  • 31. Which musical instrument can you see in the room?
    B) A piano
  • 32. What are the girls doing? They are.
    A) quarrelling
  • 33. What does each of the girls want?
    B) To play with a teddy bear
  • 34. What room is it? It’s a …
    C) bedroom
  • 35. Where is the toy dog? On the …
    B) piano
  • 36. How do the girls feel? They are
    C) angry
  • 37. Where is the carpet?
    C) Under the bed
  • 38. What is the shape of the carpet?
    D) Round
  • 39. What is on the bedside table?
    B) A lamp
  • 40. What is shown in the picture?
    A) Planets and stars
  • 41. It is the home of the Crown Jewels of England
    B) The Tower of London
  • 42. This building is part of Westminster Palace.
    C) Westminster Abbey
  • 43. A monument to Queen Victoria is located in front of this building.
    A) Buckingham Palace
  • 44. In this place you can see the monument which was built to commemorate Admiral Horatio Nelson.
    A) Trafalgar Square
  • 45. It is one of the most famous prehistoric landmarks in the United Kingdom, and was built around the 31st century BC.
    A) Stonehenge

British Bulldog ответы 7-8 класс  2021

  • 1) Who visits the girl?
    A) David
  • 2) What does she offer the visitor?
    C) Coffee
  • 3) Who is the last to agree on the plan of the route?
    A) David
  • 4) What was David busy with?
    C) Writing a thesis
  • 5) What is marked on the map?
    B) Sights
  • 6) When are they going to be in Paris? On the …
    D) 25th
  • 7) How are they going to get to Paris?
    D) By train
  • 8) Why have they booked a sleeper?
    D) They want to have a good sleep
  • 9) Why don’t they want to have meals in restaurants?
    C) So they can save money
  • 10) Why will it be good to stay in a hostel, in their opinion? They could …
    D) cook their own food
  • 11) Which of the listed countries is the nearest to the Equator?
    C) Bolivia
  • 12) How many countries does the Equator go through?
    D) 11
  • 13) Which country mentioned in the text does the Equator not go through?
    C) Greece
  • 14) What is typical for the most of the countries on the Equator?
    D) Tropical rainforest
  • 15) What about the places nearer the Equator? They are …
    C) hotter
  • 16) How many parts does the Equator divide our Earth into?
    B) Two
  • 17) Where is the Earth widest?
    D) At the Equator
  • 18) Where does the heat come from? From the …
    C) Sun
  • 19) Is the heat from the Sun the same at the Equator and at the Poles?
    A) Yes, it is
  • 20) What size area does the heat from the Sun cover near the Poles?
    A) Large
  • 21) Let’s go outside. There’s … noise in here.
    C) too much
  • 22) My friend doesn’t speak Italian. I don’t speak it …
    C) either
  • 23) … Tom nor Ann turned up at the party.
    C) Neither
  • 24) Jack has three brothers, all of … are married.
    D) whom
  • 25) Jim passed the driving test … surprised everybody.
    A) which
  • 26) It’s difficult to understand him because he speaks … quickly.
    C) so
  • 27) I didn’t realise it was … an old house.
    B) such
  • 28) Why did you buy … food?
    C) such a lot of
  • 29) I haven’t got… money for a holiday.
    B) enough
  • 30) The food was … hot to eat.
    D) too
  • 31) A) popular
  • 32) C) started
  • 33) D) about
  • 34) B) was
  • 35) B) in
  • 36)B) pack
  • 37)C) involve
  • 38) C) which
  • 39) A) rules
  • 40) C) one
  • 41) She was the daughter of Henry VIII
    C) Elizabeth I
  • 42) She was called «the Grandmother of Europe.»
    B) Victoria
  • 43) The London Underground was opened during the reign of this queen.
    B) Victoria
  • 44) Shakespeare mainly lived during the reign of Queen …
    C) Elizabeth I
  • 45) This queen has given regular evening audiences to ten prime ministers.
    D) Elizabeth II

British Bulldog ответы 9-11 класс  2021

  • 1) For how long did the adventure last?
    D) More than three weeks
  • 2) Why did the guys have to shorten their journey? They had no …
    C) money and energy
  • 3) How did they travel?
    C) By ship
  • 4) Why did the young people agree on their route beforehand? To avoid …
    C) quarrels
  • 5) Why did they have to change some of their plans? They found out the place was …
    B) not worth visiting
  • 6) Where did they prefer to sleep?
    D) On the train
  • 7) What was wrong with the young man’s tent? It …
    B) didn’t protect from the rain
  • 8) What did the young man do to avoid robbery? He put his passport and money …
    D) in his sleeping bag
  • 9) What are the guys doing to prepare for their next adventure? They are …
    C) saving money
  • 10) What do they think is the advantage of sleeping on the train? It is …
    D) unexpensive and comfy
  • 11) What does «to feel blue» mean? I’m …
    D) sad
  • 12) What did scientists write about colours many years ago? They could …
    C) treat people
  • 13) What colour did the sunlight transform into in ancient Egyptian temples?
    B) Red
  • 14) On what condition could the sunlight transform into that colour? The sunlight shone through the …
    D) precious stones
  • 15) What does the expression «colour therapy» imply?
    A) Healing people
  • 16) Which colours are said to combat stress?
    C) Green and blue
  • 17) Where are such colours mostly used?
    D) In hospitals
  • 18) Who supposes that colours can lighten our mood?
    D) Therapists
  • 19) What symptoms of different deseases can colours help cure?
    B) Sleeplessness
  • 20) Do the colours affect our emotions, according to the text?
    D) Yes, it’s highly possible
  • 21) He will never forget … his friend in Paris.
    C) meeting
  • 22) By the time we reach home, the rain …
    D) will have stopped
  • 23) I regret not accepting that new job. I wish I …
    D) had taken it
  • 24) … it was late, he decided to call his friend.
    B) Though
  • 25) The grass in the garden needs …
    A) cutting
  • 26) My colleague wants …
    A) you to stay here
  • 27) I can’t drive my car because it… fixed at the moment.
    D) is being
  • 28) The problem is she … to driving on the left. She keeps making mistakes.
    B) isn’t used
  • 29) … being late he managed to complete the test.
    C) In spite of
  • 30) Why do you always blame him … something goes
    B) whenever
  • 31) Working for yourself.
    B) employed
  • 32) A drawing or description that you do of yourself.
    A) portrait
  • 33) Something you do to protect yourself or your property.
    D) defence
  • 34) The ability to make yourself do things you ought to do.
    C) discipline
  • 35) Having taught yourself by reading books, etc.
    D) educated
  • 36) Respect for or a favourable opinion of oneself.
    C) esteem
  • 37) Confidence in the validity, value, etc, b1 one’s own ideas, etc.
    C) assurance
  • 38) When you decide not to do or have something you want or need, in order to help someone else.
    A) sacrifice
  • 39) The feeling of being sorry for yourself because you think people have treated you badly.
    B) pity
  • 40) Worried and embarrassed about what other people think of you.
    A) conscious
  • 41) This Prime Minister won the Nobel Prize in Literature.
    D) Winston Churchill
  • 42) This person was the longest-serving British prime minister of the 20th century.
    D) Margaret Thatcher
  • 43) It is the official residence of the British prime ministers.
    A) 10 Downing Street
  • 44) He defeated Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo and later became the Prime Minister of the UK.
    B) Arthur Wellesley
  • 45) This Prime Minister was often called «the British Bulldog.»
    B) Winston Churchill
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